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1978 a€¢  Hwa Meei Optical established in Tainan, TAIWAN to manufacture metal frame sunglasses.
1981 a€¢ Moved to Chung Lun Industrial Area (our current headquarters)
1986 a€¢ Established a production line for plastic framed eyewear


1991 a€¢ Set up an internal design department
1993 a€¢ Established a Lens Coating line and introduced multi-layer coating
1997 a€¢ Opened a second factory in Xiamen, China
1998 a€¢ Shut down the metal frames production line and focused exclusively on eyewear manufactured from plastic and composites
1999 a€¢ Delivery of first 3-D product design
1999 a€¢ achieved ISO 9001 accreditation


2003 a€¢ Set up third factory in Tainan suburban, In-house mold manufacturing
2004 a€¢ Set up lens production line for high tech protection lenses
2006 a€¢ Starting third factory building in An Ting



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