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Our lens department provides the best optical quality and the finest CNC lens cutting. Apart from UV and impact protection, we offer various coating layers for different activities.

Optical design software is used in creating our lenses to the highest optical standards including all lens curvatures




a€¢ The automatic coating line produces hard coating and anti-fog coating. These procedures are done in CR (clean room).
a€¢ Hard coating can reach up to EN166 K mark.
a€¢ Anti-fog coating can reach up to EN166 N mark.
a€¢ We also have high vacuum equipment to put on flash mirror, multi layer, anti reflection, and water proof coating.


With our CNC cutting machine, we are able to precisely cut the most complex lens shapes.


According to customers' request, branding the lens can be done by pad printing, screen printing or laser etching.

We can produce laminated double anti-fog lenses for paintball masks or ski goggles.




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